Food packaging is often made of plastic. This also causes a lot of waste, and this is because the average Dutch person opens seven packages every day. This is obviously very bad for the environment, but there are many more disadvantages to using plastic. In fact, plastic contains dangerous substances and carcinogens. Especially when plastic is heated, these substances are likely to leak considerably. This is wrong, of course, and with glass packaging, you won’t have to deal with this at all. In fact, glass packaging is perfect and is safe to use as packaging material. In addition, there are many more reasons to choose glass packaging. Would you like to know why glass packaging is so handy to use? In this article, we will go into this in detail, so you can find out more.


The appearance of glass packaging is naturally much better than plastic packaging. This is because glass is transparent and this can give a very nice look. After all, you can see the contents, which can also be very handy commercially. Also, glass does not discolour, which is the case with plastic packaging. By keeping food in plastic packaging, it is more likely to discolour. This also means that there will be residual waste in the packaging and this, of course, is not nice. This is especially the case with plastic containers, which is why it is convenient to use glass packaging in particular.

Besides food, you can also store other things in a glass container. Cosmetics can also be stored in a glass container, and this is even more wonderful. Cosmetics remedies often have a special colour and this can look nice in a glass container. 

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When you want to use glass packaging, it is very important to use high-quality glasses. Calaso has high-quality glasses and produces these glasses in a sustainable way. This is of course very nice, and they also have their own factory for this purpose, this allows them to produce the glasses in a sustainable way. On the provider’s website, you will see a wide range of glass packaging. Each glass container is meant for something different, and you should look at this carefully. You can also buy special glasses for cosmetics here and decide on the sealer yourself. This is of course very nice, but you should therefore look carefully at the information.