What is trachoma and what are its symptoms?

Trachoma is a chronic infectious conjunctival keratitis caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, which is named because of the rough and uneven appearance of the lid conjunctiva, resembling sand grains. In the early stages of the disease process, there is infiltration of the conjunctiva, such as papillae and follicular hyperplasia, along with corneal vascular opacification; in the late stages, scarring of the affected lid conjunctiva occurs, resulting in inversion of the eyelid deformity, which aggravates the damage to the cornea and can seriously affect vision or even cause blindness. The incubation period is 5 to 14 days, both eyes are affected, and it occurs mainly in childhood or adolescence.

Although trachoma is an eye disease caused by Chlamydia, most are also associated with poor hygiene. Therefore, even if there is no vision problem, it is still necessary to wear a pair of glasses when you go out usually if only for daily


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