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Let’s face it, operating as a member of the over fifty gang presents some challenges that our youthful brethren do not essentially should face. Initially, it’s important to accept the fact that you are just not going to have the ability to run as fast as you did in your youth. And at fifty or older the body just doesn’t respond as it once did, and this implies injuries take longer to heal and you are going to have more normal aches and pains.

Not to make you worry more however that’s where my file was denied in Atlanta under assessment. Authorized in my State then denied by some jerk who by no means spoke to me, examed me or talked to my doctors. The individual just wrote my condition will enhance and I am young sufficient to do something else. I suppose he and his ego have needed to pull his foot from his mouth, since I not solely did not enhance I had further surgeries since his professional opinion. Good luck RX7Mike. All they need is to screw you. Thank god for listening to judges!!!

Dazee once social security approves you you will obtain medicare within a couple months. It is the first thing they send you. As far as the doctors, they tell everybody they’ll approve you as a result of they do not need a fight contained in the office. Attempt to get copies of your information and doctors statements. Preserve a file simply in case your denied you can go see and lawyer and file your enchantment. Remember you solely have 60 days to appeal. Don’t give up! Maintain records, and maintain seeing your docs. If you don’t have insurance coverage go to the hospital. They have to deal with you they usually maintain data.

Rx7Mike, in case your married I might put you are able to care for your self however require help occasionally. Your wife takes care of issues when your not able. I put no however I was recovering from surgery. They are going to ask you that a number of extra instances so try to clarify why or why not. Medicine makes you’re feeling run down, facet affects and so on. Social security simply desires to see should you say one factor as we speak and one thing completely different a year from now. You’ll fill out so many forms and obtain some many types you might start a paper recycle firm after they finally find you disadled.

On weekends I always take sooner or later off and reserve the opposite day for a longer, slower run. If I’m overtired and really feel that I need an additional day off I cannot hesitate to take a weekday off to assist recover. For me the mixture of operating, cycling, weight coaching and stretching has resulted in simply an total higher health degree. At this level in my life I do know I’m not going to get sooner, my priority is to keep doing what I’m doing for as long as potential and to remain as fit and healthy as doable.