Hair loss or thinning hair can happen to both men and women, however in most cases men are more often affected by this condition. The older men get, the higher the chances are to develop hair loss and thinning hair. But it’s not only men who are dealing with this, also women can experience this. Factors such as genetics, age, cancer treatment, stress, pregnancy, hair care, hairstyle that pulls the hair back and hormonal imbalance can contribute to hair loss. What if it also happens to you? Are you just supposed to accept this and cut your hair or shave your head? For many it can be traumatic to lose their hair and this might feel like a loss of their identity. But, luckily there are solutions to help you deal with hair loss.

Solutions to hair loss

It is possible to wear a wig, but wigs can feel very warm, itchy and uncomfortable. They can come off making you feel embarrassed if this happens. Sometimes they also look unnatural, which is mostly the case if the wig is made of synthetic hair. If you want a more permanent solution without having to worry about the discomfort that comes with a wig, hair transplant Turkey might be just the right solution for you. Turkey is known for its hair transplant clinics, where they have experienced doctors and nurses who help you with the right treatment and the right after care. They make sure that they provide you all the needed information and the right instructions for after care.

A well-known technique of hair transplant

There are several techniques to do a hair transplant. One of them is called DHI hair transplant. DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. During this procedure grooving and root placement can be done in one step. This means that the whole treatment can be done at once. The procedure usually takes about six to seven hours to complete. If the area that needs to be treated is really big, it might take a little more time, this is something that you can discuss with your doctor in advance. This technique is very effective and gives the most natural looking results. It is also a painless procedure, as the doctor uses local anesthesia and some relaxing medicine during the procedure. Meaning you will be feeling a little sleepy and relaxed. All in all an effective and painless method to help you regain your confidence.