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I’m Not selling or endorsing Livatone Plus product It is a review of the Livatone Plus Product and what I have read.

totalsense4u – I am so completely happy to hear that you are better now. So easy to turn into de-hydrated with a case like this. Thanks for sharing your story. This really helps others to be more conscious. It is referred to as Myin Khwar in Burmese. It’s a traditional Myanmar natural medicine and used for various ailments in addition to tonic good for brain and eye energy.

Hi Zac. Thanks for the comments and for reading. Take pleasure in your youth….. It would not get any easier. But, simply having the ability to run and be lively is a superb thing so I am very grateful. Thanks once more. I’ve heard of Kefir and can choose some up. You’ll want to let me know what the Gastro doc has to say about your situation. Thanks and Joyful Days!

You have beneficial info right here. Thanks for share with us. This could possibly be dangerous to us if we don’t take note of any of this. This appears to be like easy certainly. I study much from you. Thanks for being my physician right now. You deserve to get my VOTE. God bless you! Very nicely-written and well-researched; nevertheless, very biased. While it presents the information, it takes a damaging outlook on midwifery as an entire.

Bogey, thanks so much for the great information, this is one submit that i learn from starting to end. I’ve utilized for my disability for intractable migraines and fibormyalgia, so we’ll see where this goes. So much conflicting info concerning what you may & cannot eat. Comments from Santi & Frequent Sense ring true. Having DV myself, consuming what you are feeling cozy with and most of all a little exercise is working for me.